Uncertainty and fear of the unknown can be limiting factors in real estate transaction decision-making, particularly in the current economic environment for troubled commercial real estate.  Risk is often mischaracterized and even quality properties are over-discounted because of limited information packages, missing documentation, and competing opportunities.  As a result, key facts related to inherent property value remain hidden, arise to delay closings, or prompt questions about seller full disclosure.  Regulatory and compliance risk factors are overlooked.  In addition the sheer volume of NPAs (non-performing or challenged assets) requires the ability to decide quickly whether to forebear, workout, or foreclose.  With all this and more Deep Water Planning, LLC can help.   

We help owners and buyers preserve or enhance real estate asset value 
by providing independent due diligence of character and collateral issues, 
document retrieval, entitlement research, and jurisdictional facilitation services for:

  • pre-foreclosure troubled debt restructuring (TDR) of project financed loans

  • distressed, REO, workout, special situation, and imminent default assets

  • FDIC loans and real estate assets of failed financial institutions; 

  • non-distressed, but tainted properties; and 

  • credit based loans for performing income producing real estate.  

We also provide customized due diligence training for larger organizations with need for in-house specialists.  

Significant development permitting and zoning experience allows us to triage REO and CREO issues, obtain records, coordinate other services, negotiate changes and secure key approvals.  Our work assesses borrower honesty, preserves asset value, reduces transactional uncertainty, mitigates risks and potential loss, expedites decision-making, and facilitates repositioning or resale. 

Clients include Peer Group 1, 2 and 3 banks and other lenders, FDIC Receivership Assistance Contractors (RACs), other receivers, attorneys, accountants, brokers and other consultants, investors and buyers of these assets. 

With more than twenty years experience and three years in the current distressed assets market we serve north Georgia, the Metro Atlanta region, the southeastern megapolitan area and the Caribbean from Gainesville, Georgia.  Our zoning conformance reports provide key information not found in a typical local zoning confirmation letter and are available nationwide.  Give us a call - we look forward to being of service to you.  Or feel free to share a pdf overview of our services with others you know in need.
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