Whether on the buy-side or sell-side each special asset property and situation is unique.  As a result, so is the help you might need.  We provide this through our Site Entitlement Assessment      process, which is tailored to illuminate important items not covered by appraisals, title packages, ALTA Surveys, Phase 1 Environmental Analysis or ASTM Property Condition Assessments. We answer the questions:   If the site and building are complete, can they be rebuilt roughly as is or would major changes be required (the right to rebuild)?  Or, can any additional revenue-generating features be added?  If site and/or buildings are incomplete, what is needed for completion to satisfy local jurisdiction requirements?  Should the project be reconfigured or repositioned?

       Gain insight.  We look into special districts, overlay zonings, impact fees, concurrency and consistency issues and a host of other concerns. These matter, sometimes critically, vary by jurisdiction, and typically by project.  We consider land development permit issues by jurisdiction, which is important, because each jurisdiction’s requirements and processes are different and vary over time.

       Secure key material.  We review issued, pending permits and as-builts along with file correspondence from multiple sources for use in on-the-ground comparison.  We know how local governments operate and to look where others often do not even think to look.   We are eyes and ears on the ground in the local jurisdiction and able to obtain materials not covered by typical national zoning service companies. We look for good news, but report it all, because information is important and typically more valuable than the cost of obtaining it.   

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Are You in Compliance With the Local Jurisdiction?

Experience in Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Alabama includes projects in 60 counties of Georgia alone 
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Bridge the gap from “what is” to “what should be”. We review project development files to identify missing documentation, which would reduce risk or aid in sale, if in hand.  We help identify which are most needful and necessary items, then use a variety of means to secure them without offending sources, over-paying, or over-committing our clients.

        Find the right consultants. When needed we engage or can recommend qualified specialists such as environmental scientists, local zoning counsel, real estate professionals, asset managers, engineers, surveyors and the like.  Because we do not practice in these service areas, our recommendations can be more objective than those of others. 

        Reduce property taxes. In Georgia we are available to help with property tax appeals of individual commercial properties, bulk residential REO, or large portfolios.  These need to be filed in most counties before April 1 of each year.