The ability to find information is one thing - knowing the significance of what is important, what is missing, and how to deal with previously undiscovered issues is another.  This comes from having experience which is both broad and deep.  We can help you get to the bottom of things and navigate from a position of strength through challenging asset management, zoning and permitting situations. 

     William E. “Bill” Schmid, AICP, has more than twenty years public and private sector development zoning, permitting, management and due diligence consulting experience in over one hundred jurisdictions.  He is now in the third year of assisting lenders, property owners and local jurisdictions deal with over $200 million in distressed assets.  Career project involvements represent over $2 billion in combined development and construction value.  These range from one-acre commercial sites to 6,000-acre mixed-use developments and regional studies, with everything in between.

     Bill’s senior project management has been with land development companies, civil engineering firms and units of local government, including zoning administration and four years as chief or senior administrative officer (City Administrator and Assistant City Manager) . His expertise includes a wide range of local governmental financial analysis and negotiations, including inter-governmental dispute resolution, crafting long-term land development agreements, entitlement and permitting for more than twenty Developments of Regional Impact and large Mixed Use zonings in Georgia and Florida. Annexation experience involves over 3,000 acres.  Unique expertise relates to spatial analysis of commercial and residential markets and site selection using Geographic Information System and demographic tools, and to the 900,000-acre Etowah Habitat Conservation Plan. 

     Formal education includes a Masters degree in Urban Planning and a Bachelors degree in Finance. Bill has been a member of the American Institute of Certified Planners since 1990.
     Bill is a frequent conference panelist, public meeting presenter and trainer.  He has created custom training programs and can provide in-house training to clients.  He has provided expert witness services in disputes related to issues of annexation, zoning practices, impact fees, land planning and impacts of condemnation.
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